SBC Is Now a Proud PakTech Recycling Partner

March 21, 2022by admin

Springfield Brewing Company is excited to announce that we are now a PakTech Recycling Program Partner!


On March 18th, Global Recycling Day, SBC implemented the PakTech Recycling Program and we want you to help us build a more ‘greene’ and environmentally-friendly community! SBC will now collect and recycle our craft beer handles at Springfield Brewing Company Downtown Hub “Downstairs Bar,” located at 305 S. Market Ave., Springfield, MO 65806. By joining the program, we help ensure these handles are properly recycled and repurposed into new products such as flower pots, park benches, and more.


PakTech handles are made from 100% recycled HDPE which are repurposed from milk jugs and similar containers. PakTech strongly believes recycled HDPE to be the best raw material for our handle products because the physical properties along with our molding process and designs make it the strongest, least brittle, perfectly flexible material that is indefinitely recyclable. As a material, HDPE is the “best in class” found in milk bottles, shampoo and detergent bottles.

We believe in the importance of minimizing harmful plastics in all industries and being a part of a sustainable solution. If you would like to learn more about the program, visit their website: