Oscura Mexican-Style Dark Lager


Spring Seasonal: March – May


Our newest Spring Seasonal! Rich chestnut hue and a light to medium body. Brewed with a variety of roasted malt and pilsner malt for a mild caramel, cocoa and biscuit malt flavors. Touch of hop bitterness, but not much hop flavor. Clean, smooth with an impeccably balanced finish and the slightest hint of maize. Try it with a lime.


Oscura (translated means dark) is a dark lager that was first brewed at SBC in February 2020 and quickly became a beloved draft offering among our regulars and Mug Club Members. The can design is inspired by one of our favorite Ozark night time activities; sitting around the campfire with friends and enjoying a good brew.


Hearty or spicy foods. BBQ, Tacos, and Smoked Meats.



Try it with a lime to accentuate the roasted malt flavors.